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Many agents can sell your home and may be the top agents in your neighborhood or area. When your property finally does sell, it does not mean they got the highest price. The more exposure your property receives, the more offers you will have which will always yield to a higher price. You want the Realtor that knows the area, and upfront lays out their marketing plan and keeps you informed and accountable for it!

We offer our Premium Services for Luxury Property owners that are looking to divest. Included in this package is monthly activity reports where you can actually read email and phone call exchanges to get feedback, as well as see how many showings there were for the month. This means Barry uses a Customer Relations Management system to track all of your activity.

Raveis Refresh is our new concierges program that will organize and facilitate designer-curated home improvements with 100% of the cost deferred until after your closing. How does this program work? Raveis has a platform of professional vendors that are experts in their fields. This includes home, landscape and other types of contractors, stagers, interior design experts, and more. Call Barry to find out if you qualify for this program. Barry Frette at 561-880-5587.

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Our Luxury Property program is second to none. You can learn more by clicking on the video below:

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