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Barry Frette William Raveis South Florida
Barry Frette William Raveis South Florida

Raveis Refresh is a program offered to those that are looking to buy or sell a home. If you are selling a home, your home may need a few updates in order to have an advantage of selling it faster and to maximize the sales price. The program fronts the cost of improvements, that way the homeowner can garner the most value from the marketplace. Only Raveis can do this. There are qualifications that must be met in order to capitalize on this program.

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For Buyers, the Raveis Refresh Program is also available. Buyers can upgrade and put finishing touches on their future home and make it their own. Don't walk away from your dream home just because the kitchen or bathrooms are not to your liking.

Your entire payment is deferred. We put the project together (if you want to be involved or if you have vendors to recommend, that's perfect. If not, we will get the job done for you.), complete all of the work, and Voilà, we sell your home if you are selling and if you are a buyer, we coordinate the work, front the costs, and defer the fees until closing.

For sellers, this is a turnkey concierge's program from soup to nuts with one goal only, to maximize the net proceeds you will receive, and you only get this if you go with Raveis!

This is a one stop solution that saves you time, aggravation, and money. All our vendors are vetted, licensed and insured and all work is guaranteed. 

How does Refresh work? You get a hand-picked seasoned designer that oversees all of our consultation and handles the project management. This means, you only need to deal with one person, and that is this person. They will oversee the project and communicate with the vendors throughout the entire process saving you from the hassles.

This team will evaluate your home and make recommendations. These recommendations are typically basic updates, not major renovations. However, if the home needs a new roof, that would be one of the items for the project. 

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If you are selling and your home is a little dated, then our objective is to do the updates needed to get your home to perform like the set of comps that are selling at a higher price. We have to come up with a scope of work that makes financial sense in order to maximize our return on investment. If we Refresh your home, there is potential of selling it faster and at a higher price. You only have one point of contact to deal with making your life easier, and you will have a fully managed project with no incentive to up-sell you. This is only to Refresh your home doing the minimum updates and repairs needed.

Put your trust in a true professional! Call Barry Frette for a quick chat to discuss your needs. Barry 561-880-5587

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*Terms pertaining to repayment by Seller for work performed, renovation, staging or other services provided by Zoom Casa and its contractors is determined on a case by case basis negotiated directly with Zoom Casa and Seller.