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Every one of us strives to be better. William Raveis, process their sales to achieve faster, easier and better results for our clients and sales associates, through our complex suite of technology, tools and training.  Teamwork is the core of our business, demonstrating care, courtesy and commitment to our communities every day. Ask me how our tools make selling or buying a home or attaining a mortgage impressively easy. I can't wait to accommodate you for all our your real estate needs! #WelcomeToBetter #WilliamRaveis #RaveisTogether #SouthPalmLiving #WilliamRaveisSouthFlorida #WilliamRaveisDelrayBeach

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You need to sell your home? Your home is usually your most valuable asset. You have a neighbor that is a Realtor, your Uncle is a Realtor, and there are a few top producers in your area that you can use. Now what?

Typically it's in everyone's best interest to maximize the sales price in order to increase your net proceeds. Those looking to sell have different needs and requirements which we do our best to understand. Some homes need a refresh and some are turnkey and ready to go.

If your home needs a refresh, we may recommend making improvements to your home. As a Realtor, we work with buyers everyday and know what they want. Most want to move in with as little work as possible. On the other hand, there are those that want to buy it in as bad shape as possible but then they are going to ask for a mammoth discount. What now?

Our Raveis Refresh Program may be an option for you. Bottom line, your Realtor is your teammate. You are working on a plan that involves your most valuable asset. It should be important for every seller of a property to better understand if you have chosen the right Realtor. Are they asking the right questions?

Just because an agent is the top producer in the area does not mean that they will be the easiest to work with or may not fight to get you the highest price. It may just mean they have been around a long time. We see it daily where these Realtors are doing lots of transactions, but the investment they make into marketing these homes is nil. They have the credibility so they get listings and sell properties. What do they do after they secure the listing? How we process the sales? The goal is to present your property to its greatest advantages in order to maximize your exposure and price.

Regarding our marketing, there are different levels we offer based on the length of the marketing term. A one year marketing agreement will offer you more value than a 6 month term.

Our Luxury Program is a team of professionals that create a unique plan for every home. If you would like to learn more about our Luxury Program for your home, please give us a call or submit your contact phone number, email, and home address and we will get back to you.

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What publications do you market my property in? What digital advertising do you do? Raveis has over 3,500 agents in the northeast. Would you market my property them? These are all valid questions.

We provide drone photography and video to 100% of our listings. Showing your home to its greatest advantage is our goal in order to maximize exposure with the result of having more showings. We are also unique in that we create a Customized Retail Map that shows where gas stations are, major department and grocery stores, and restaurants in proximity to your home. Many people are leaving the northeast these days and this is an extremely valuable way to showcase your home. We are pretty-much exclusive to this service.

Lastly and maybe most importantly, we don't take your listing and then the communication stops. This is the number 1 complaint we here about other Realtors... so how do we do it better? We provide you with monthly activity reports of how many showings we had, how many offers, and we even provide you with all of or email exchanges between Realtors and Buyers so you can gauge yourself the conversations. This provides a smoother communications, process our sales and puts you at ease until the job is done.

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